Ukay Fuels: DAF Rigid Tanker & Lakeland Trailer To London 

Ukay Fuels: DAF Rigid Tanker & Lakeland Trailer To London 

SOS Sales provided brand new DAF XD 410 26Tonne 6×2 Rigid Tanker along with a 2021 Urban 6 Compartment Arctic Lakeland Trailer to Ukay Fuels.

Ukay Fuels’ regional manager, Jack got in touch with us after seeing us on LinkedIn. Responsible for the Southeast of the United Kingdom, covering East Anglia, Buckinghamshire, and Kent, Ukay Fuels wanted a reliable solution, and they needed it within a tight timeframe – within 8 weeks. Due to holding stock readily available, SOS were able to not only fulfil this order within the time specified, but also provide the products branded and ready to drive the same day.

SOS Sales quickly understood the needs of Ukay Fuels due to our decades of experience, and we were able to advise Ukay Fuels on the best solution for their needs. The modern short-wheelbase chassis on the DAF Tanker, fitted with cutting-edge Gardner Denver electronic metering & BLVR system by turned out to be the perfect choice for Ukay Fuels. We were able to arrange the full build of the product, including fitting the Brigade Camera System to meet the London DVS Standard. Its nimble manoeuvrability provided the ideal solution for the varied terrains and busy urban streets in their coverage area.

The Lakeland Trailer is a Maxivator and proved to be a game-changer for Ukay Fuels as it will allow the hose reel to give metered deliveries, meaning they can deliver between small and large amounts at a time. Its advanced features significantly enhanced the drop capacity for Ukay Fuels. The reel facilitated multiple drops with efficiency, allowing Ukay Fuels to serve a broader customer base in a shorter time.

We were delighted to deliver these products within the short timeframe using our swift understanding, effective communication, and responsive approach which led to providing seamless solutions, even in the complex world of regional fuel management. Allowing us to deliver in such a short timeframe is USP with SOS, with stock ready to go avoiding long wait times. 

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