Stephen Mark Qua Transport: GRW Fuel Tanker to Armagh

Stephen Mark Qua Transport: GRW Fuel Tanker to Armagh

SOS Sales recently had the opportunity to collaborate with Stephen Mark Qua Transport, a longstanding client with a unique request. Stephen Qua, the owner, sought a new GRW trailer that would seamlessly integrate with his fleet of blue lorries by featuring a custom blue chassis.

Stephen has known James, for many years. When Stephen approached us, he had a specific vision: a GRW trailer with a blue chassis to match the colour scheme of his existing lorries. This aesthetic detail, while seemingly minor, was crucial for maintaining the cohesive and professional appearance of his fleet.

Understanding the importance of even the smallest details to local businesses like Stephen Mark Qua Transport, we took on the challenge with dedication. We liaised with the GRW factory to arrange for the chassis of the trailer to be painted blue, ensuring it matched the rest of Stephen’s fleet.

Additionally, we collaborated with Road Tankers Armagh, again a local company from Armagh and a close aide of James. We sourced and fitted the necessary hoses to meet Stephen’s specific business requirements.

Despite the customisation, we maintained a swift turnaround, delivering the fully equipped trailer within six weeks. The custom made GRW trailer with blue chassis was delivered to Stephen Mark Qua Transport on schedule. Stephen himself came to collect the trailer, and his satisfaction was evident. The trailer not only met his aesthetic expectations but also functioned perfectly with the customised hoses.

James extended his best wishes to Stephen for many successful miles with the new GRW trailer. The project exemplified our commitment to personalised service and our capability to adapt to unique client needs.

For businesses with specialised needs, SOS Sales Ltd. remains a trusted partner, dedicated to delivering solutions that align with their vision and operational demands.

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