Patterson Haulage: GRW Fuel Tankers to Gilford, Northern Ireland.

Patterson Haulage: GRW Fuel Tankers to Gilford, Northern Ireland.

At SOS Sales Ltd, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional service and efficiency to our clients. Recently, Ross Patterson of Patterson Haulage reached out to us after noticing a LinkedIn post about our latest GRW trailer stocks. This connection sparked a smooth and rapid process that exemplifies our commitment to meeting our clients’ needs effectively.

Ross’s inquiry led to the acquisition of two new trailers for his business. With SOS Sales boasting an extensive inventory, Ross found it incredibly convenient to select the exact tankers he required. Our streamlined procedures ensured minimal waiting time, with the entire process—from initial contact to delivery—taking just one month.

What made the experience even more seamless was our commitment to customization and client satisfaction. Ross personally visited our yard to handpick the trailers that best suited his needs. These trailers will serve Patterson Haulage in Northern Ireland, with SOS Sales facilitating a trade-in of a used DAF Rigid Tanker as part of the arrangement.

To ensure the trailers were fully equipped and branded to Ross’s specifications, we took care of fitting them with suitable hoses and completed the Texaco livery. Furthermore, we arranged for the delivery of the trailers directly to Patterson Haulage’s headquarters in Gilford.

James, reflecting on this collaboration, notes that we provided a comprehensive solution for Patterson Haulage. We handled everything from customization to delivery, making the process straightforward and efficient. For Ross and his team, it was a matter of choosing what they needed and receiving it promptly at their doorstep.

This successful partnership with Patterson Haulage underscores our ability to provide tailored solutions and outstanding service to our clients. We look forward to continuing to support businesses like Patterson Haulage with their equipment needs, offering a hassle-free experience and ensuring their operations run smoothly.

If you’re looking for a one-stop-shop solution for your business needs, reach out to SOS Sales Ltd. We’re here to make the process seamless and efficient, just like we did for Patterson Haulage.

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