Noel Duffy and Sons / Certa Ireland: GRW Fuel Tankers to Ireland

Noel Duffy and Sons / Certa Ireland: GRW Fuel Tankers to Ireland

Noel Duffy and Sons are a prime example of how we build long-term relationships with our clients. Noel Duffy, a renowned figure in the transportation industry and an early adopter of GRW tankers, has been our associate since 2007. Over the years, Noel’s company has grown significantly, with his son Mark now co-owning the business and serving as the Transport Manager.

Noel and Mark approached us with a requirement for new GRW trailers to fulfil a contract with Certa Ireland. They needed a swift procurement process and reliable high-quality trailers that could support their expanding business operations.

We invited both to our yard, where they inspected the fresh stock of our GRW trailers. Impressed by our extensive stock and the quality of the trailers, they decided to proceed with the purchase immediately. They traded in one of their old trailers and acquired two new GRW trailers.

Our ready stock of GRW trailers proved to be the unique selling proposition of this deal, ensuring a swift and efficient transaction. From order to collection, the entire process was completed in just a couple of weeks. This rapid turnaround was crucial for Noel Duffy and Sons to meet their contractual obligations with Certa Ireland.

Certa Ireland wrapped the two new trailers with their livery, making them the first in Ireland to feature their branding. This not only enhanced the visibility of Certa Ireland but also reinforced our reputation for flexibility, reliability and professionalism in the transport sector.

Reflecting on this successful transaction, we at SOS Sales take great pride in the long-standing relationship with Noel Duffy and the pleasure of now doing business with the second generation. Notably, when we delivered the first GRW trailer to Noel in 2007, Mark was just eight years old. Today, Mark’s active role in the business symbolises the trust and continuity that define our relationship with Noel Duffy and Sons.

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