Kinch Fuels: Scania P360 6×2 Rigid Tanker to Wiltshire.

Kinch Fuels: Scania P360 6×2 Rigid Tanker to Wiltshire.

Roy Kinch, a long-time customer of SOS Sales, sought to expand his fleet with a Scania model, known for its reliability and performance. However, finding this model was nearly impossible for Roy, due to a long waiting period – but not SOS Sales. Kinch Fuels then returned to SOS Sales to purchase their second product within 12 months.

SOS Sales swiftly engaged with Kinch Fuels to understand their unique requirements. Recognizing the urgency and specificity of the request, SOS Sales took a proactive approach to get Kinch Fuels’ desired specifications. SOS Sales identified a white rigid Scania that was currently in production and tailored it to meet Kinch Fuels’ specifications. The Emco Wheaton Data Plus Electronic Metering and a Collins Youldon Fuel Delivery Hose Reel along with a bottom loading equipment were seamlessly integrated into the build process.

SOS Sales arranged the customisation of the product including paint and livery, ensuring alignment with Kinch Fuels’ branding. The entire process, from initial consultation to delivery, took only 12 weeks. During this time, SOS Sales facilitated seamless communication, allowing the deal to progress efficiently. The custom built yellow Rigid Tanker, decked with Kinch Fuels graphics and all requested specifications was delivered to them in Wiltshire, England.

SOS Sales’ commitment to understanding and fulfilling their client’s needs set them apart in this transaction. The short timeframe of the entire process and the truck built with their exact specifications was the USP of the deal – as well as Kinch’s trust in us due to receiving top class products and services from SOS previously. Our inclusion of comprehensive warranty and a Driver’s pack further enhanced the value proposition, providing additional peace of mind and support for Kinch Fuels’ operations.

Commenting on the partnership, Roy Kinch stated “I am so happy with this truck, it is the best truck I have ever seen built.”

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