Keatings Oil: Scania P360 6×2 Rigid Tanker to Co. Meath, Ireland.

Keatings Oil: Scania P360 6×2 Rigid Tanker to Co. Meath, Ireland.

Aiden Keating, the proprietor of Keatings Oil Ltd, shares a longstanding professional relationship with James, spanning over two decades. This foundation of trust and familiarity laid the groundwork for a recent collaboration between Keatings Oil and SOS Sales.

Keatings Oil sought to acquire a Scania 6×2 Rigid Tanker while simultaneously trading in their existing DAF tanker. This dual requirement presented a unique challenge that required an inclusive solution. Upon Aiden’s outreach to James, SOS Sales swiftly swung into action. Recognizing the urgency and specificity of the request, we wasted no time in identifying a suitable lorry from our stock.

Understanding the importance of branding, the chosen rigid tanker was meticulously painted to align with Keatings’ corporate identity. Additionally, the tanker was fitted with the Alpeco BLVR, HLCO & TEX800 Electronic Metering System. Plus, an electrically driven hose reel supplied by Collins Youlden was fitted to the tanker to optimise its performance.

In a remarkably efficient timeline of three months, from initial contact to delivery, we seamlessly executed every aspect of the project. The customized Scania, complete with Keatings’ livery and enhanced performance features, was delivered directly to their site. As a token of appreciation, a special driver’s bag brimming with essentials was handed to their designated driver upon delivery.

James reflects on the success of this collaboration, emphasizing how SOS Sales effortlessly navigated Keatings’ multifaceted requirements. By leveraging our existing stock and accommodating the trade-in of the used tanker, we streamlined the process, making it painless for Aiden & Co. Looking ahead, we anticipate further opportunities for collaboration with Keatings Oil. Our proven history of seamless cooperation and dedication to meeting unique client needs positions us as a trusted partner for their future endeavours.

Through effective communication, swift action, and a commitment to excellence, we not only meet but exceeds our client’s expectations. As SOS Sales continues to innovate and evolve, we remain steadfast in our mission to drive success for our valued partners like Keatings Oil Ltd.

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