Fuelling Success: SOS Sales Empowers Close Brothers with Tanker Awareness Program

Fuelling Success: SOS Sales Empowers Close Brothers with Tanker Awareness Program

At SOS Sales Ltd., we pride ourselves on being a beacon of expertise as a Fuel Transportation vehicle dealer for more than two decades. So, when Darren Turley, the newly appointed Business Development Manager of Close Brothers Vehicle Hire’ foray into this challenging realm, approached us, we recognised an opportunity to not just impart knowledge, but to empower a fellow industry player on their journey to success.

Darren’s decision to engage SOS Sales for their staff training was a testament to the trust and credibility we’ve cultivated through years of dedicated service and a robust social media presence. Our reputation for excellence preceded us, prompting Darren to seek out our specialised expertise in navigating the complexities of Dangerous Goods Transport.

The collaboration kicked off with a logistical feat as SOS Sales arranged for the transportation of a brand-new Rigid Tanker and a Fuel Tanker from Chester to Ilkeston, setting the stage for a transformative educational experience at Close Brothers’ headquarters. Over 70 individuals from across the departments eagerly volunteered to participate, demonstrating Close Brothers Vehicle Hire’ commitment to up-skilling its workforce in this critical sector.

Led by our Chief Technical Officer, Lee Tipton, the tanker awareness program unfolded over five engaging sessions, each meticulously designed to equip attendees with practical insights and regulatory knowledge. From exploring the intricacies of the Rigid Tanker to delving into the nuances of the Fuel Tanker, Lee captivated participants with his dynamic presentation style and wealth of industry experience.

The hallmark of the training program was its interactive nature, with attendees actively engaging in discussions, posing insightful questions, and sharing valuable anecdotes. These exchanges fostered a collaborative learning environment where real-world challenges were addressed, and best practices were exchanged.

A dedicated Q&A session provided further clarity on regulatory frameworks and compliance obligations, ensuring that participants left with a comprehensive understanding of their roles and responsibilities in ensuring safety and compliance in fuel transportation industry.

As we reflect on the success of this unique tanker awareness program, we are reminded of the profound impact that tailored training and knowledge-sharing initiatives can have on organisational growth and success. Through our collaboration with Close Brothers Vehicle Hire, we not only empowered their workforce, but also strengthened our commitment to driving excellence and safety standards in the fuel transportation industry.

Moving forward, we remain dedicated to supporting Close Brothers Vehicle Hire and other industry partners on their journey towards operational excellence, reaffirming our position as a trusted leader in the tanker, truck, trailer & specialist vehicle industry.

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