Essex Tankers: GRW Fuel Tanker to London

Essex Tankers: GRW Fuel Tanker to London

Essex Tankers, a reputable transportation company specialising in the delivery of fuels, has been a loyal customer of SOS Sales Ltd for several years. Russell Green has often relied on SOS Sales for their tanker needs due to our reputation for reliability and prompt service.

Russ contacted SOS Sales Ltd with an urgent request for a new tanker. Given the critical nature of their operations, Essex Tankers needed a quick turnaround to ensure uninterrupted service to their clients. The challenge was to provide a fully equipped and branded tanker within a tight timeframe.

At SOS Sales, we pride ourselves on our ability to meet our clients’ needs promptly and efficiently. Fortunately, we had the perfect solution available in stock, which allowed us to respond swiftly to Essex Tankers’ request. Understanding the urgency, we prioritised this project to ensure a rapid turnaround. In addition to providing the tanker, we also branded the tanker with their livery. From the initial contact to the final delivery, everything was done at the drop of a hat.

Within a remarkably short period, the tanker was ready for delivery. We ensured that all quality checks were completed before delivering the tanker to Essex Tankers in London.

From the first contact to delivery, the entire process was completed with significant speed, much to the satisfaction of Essex Tankers. The tanker was delivered in pristine condition, fully equipped and branded, ready to be put into service immediately.

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