Cementing Success: The Tale of SOS Sales and Cemcor’s Strategic Alliance.

Cementing Success: The Tale of SOS Sales and Cemcor’s Strategic Alliance.

We are proud to present the testimony of our successful partnership with Cemcor, a leading player in the construction industry. Our recent delivery of the second batch of 3 cement tankers to Cemcor underscores our commitment to meeting their transportation needs efficiently.

For over a decade, the fuel haulage unit of Cemcor’s parent company has relied on SOS Sales for their transportation requirements. The enduring relationship between James and Cemcor’s parent company spans 15 years, demonstrating mutual trust and reliability.

Facing increasing demand for cement transportation across Ireland, Cemcor sought a dependable solution within a reasonable timeframe. They needed a partner capable of delivering high-quality tankers promptly. SOS Sales met the challenge by delivering another lot of three cement tankers to Cemcor within eight months. These tankers, with a capacity of 36m³ each, were tailored to Cemcor’s specifications, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency.

Despite a long wait time in the market, we successfully delivered the second batch within the agreed timeframe, enabling Cemcor to meet operational needs efficiently, all thanks to our large stock availability. Special thanks to Michael Moran, Head of Transport at Cemcor, for trusting and having faith in us for this project, demonstrating trust in our capabilities.

One tanker from the second batch featured prominently at the UK Concrete Show 2024 in Birmingham, a significant milestone for both SOS Sales and Cemcor. The showcased tanker garnered attention at the exhibition, standing out proudly among other exhibits. This recognition reaffirmed the quality of SOS Sales’ products and strengthens our hold not only in the fuel transportation industry but also in the construction sector.

With the second batch, Cemcor became the largest user of GRW Cement tankers in Ireland, solidifying their position as an industry leader. The successful delivery of the second lot of cement tankers underscores SOS Sales’ dedication to excellence and customer satisfaction. Through close collaboration and understanding of client needs, we continue to deliver superior transportation solutions that drive success in the construction sector.

We look forward to further enhancing our partnership with Cemcor and delivering value-added solutions that propel their business forward.

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