Brophy Transport: GRW Fuel Tanker to Republic of Ireland

Brophy Transport: GRW Fuel Tanker to Republic of Ireland

Brophy Transport, a leading fuel haulage company in Ireland, were a recent client of SOS Sales to upgrade their convoy.

James Brophy, Director of Brophy Transport, sought a new trailer to bolster their fleet’s capabilities. With a focus on speed and reliability, they turned to SOS Sales for a solution. The two old Heil trailers were weighing them down and they needed a quick fix. 

SOS Sales swiftly assessed Brophy Transport’s needs and offered a suitable GRW Fuel Tanker from their stock. This 42800L 6 Comp ADR Fuel Semi-trailer is fitted with Gardner Denver BLVR & HLCO Systems. It has an Alfons Haar 4″ Cargo Pump with Speed Control & BPW HD Running Gear with Drum brakes. It is built with the Knorr Bremse 4S/2M Braking System & has the Aspoeck LED Lighting System. 

With a gold standard world class GRW Fuel Tanker at their disposal, they now have more uptime and less downtime. With the comfort of the warranty on the new tanker they can now maximize their operation. They had a good riddance of the 2 used Heil trailers, with SOS taking full responsibility.

By trading in two used Heil Trailers, SOS Sales streamlined the transaction by providing a new trailer within two weeks. The trade in facility provided by SOS Sales made the process easier and quicker and large stock availability was the USP of the deal.

The new tanker was delivered to Brophy Transport in Republic of Ireland in the customer’s own livery.

SOS Sales’ quick understanding of Brophy’s requirement, our liberal approach to trade in the used trailers and the stock in hand speak volumes about our professionalism, foresightedness, and flexibility.

SOS Sales’ collaboration with Brophy Transport exemplifies the power of strategic planning. By leveraging existing stock and facilitating a smooth trade-in process, SOS enhanced Brophy’s fleet swiftly and effectively.

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