Breedon Ireland: Concrete Mixer to Derby.

Breedon Ireland: Concrete Mixer to Derby.

Breedon Ireland, a prominent player in the construction industry, operates across various regions, including Belfast, Ireland. Breedon seeks solutions that enhance efficiency and productivity in its operations.

With the sole purpose of enhancing their performance, Fraser Thom of Breedon Ireland contacted James. SOS Sales, a leading provider of specialised equipment and solutions, swiftly understood their requirements. Working closely with Fraser, James facilitated the process. Leveraging their expertise and network, SOS Sales sourced custom concrete mixer manufactured by Wilcox, meeting Breedon’s specifications.

The specialised concrete mixer with a capacity of 12m³ support their projects in the Belfast area. This mixer is versatile, capable of being hooked to any tractor unit, and is equipped with independent engine for optimal performance.

The concrete mixer was meticulously crafted by Hi-Power Belfast to meet high-power demands, ensuring seamless performance in demanding construction environments. It was retrofitted with cutting-edge components to enhance functionality and longevity, ensuring they meet Breedon’s exacting standards. Its equipped with Dual Perkins Engines and Drive Lines, delivering robust power and reliability to efficiently operate the mixer bottles.

Fraser Thom’s familiarity with SOS Sales, stemming from a previous interaction where SOS Sales provided a truck to his friend, facilitated the initial contact. From there, SOS Sales Director, James, seamlessly managed the engagement. The process, from the first contact to delivery, was executed swiftly, spanning less than three months.

SOS Sales ensured timely delivery of the specialised concrete mixer to Breedon’s location in Belfast. The mixer’s unique feature of being hookable to any tractor unit, coupled with independent engines, facilitated seamless integration into Breedon’s existing operations.

The door-step delivery of the mixer underscores SOS Sales’ commitment to meeting and exceeding client expectations.

Looking ahead, both SOS Sales and Breedon Ireland are poised for continued collaboration, leveraging their mutual strengths to drive innovation and efficiency in the construction industry. By understanding Breedon’s unique requirements and leveraging their expertise, SOS Sales delivered tailored solutions that empower Breedon to achieve their construction goals effectively and efficiently.

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